Medical Case Studies

Paragon has conducted medical case studies related to disease and other conditions affecting its athletes, case study subjects, and medical clients since 1989. In each case personal data, medical test results, and/or metabolic test results were gathered to perform a comprehensive metabolic analysis of the subject. That analysis was then used to generate targeted nutritional interventions and/or lifestyle interventions to address the issues identified in the analysis. Those interventions were either applied on their own or as complimentary treatment to ongoing conventional medical treatment. Full or significant recovery has been achieved in over 90% of Paragon’s medical case studies.

Paragon’s targeted medical interventions have been used by doctors and patients to help successfully reverse “permanent” stroke damage & associated paralysis, multiple sclerosis, various cancers, cardiovascular health issues (such a high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and problematic arrhythmias), neurological infection, chronic pancreatitis, bowel diseases and recurrent c-Difficile, depression, recurrent grand mal seizures, osteo & rheumatoid arthritis, advanced bone disease, migraines, chronic back problems, muscle cramping, skin disorders, insomnia, fibromyalgia, toxic metal poisoning, chronic fatigue, and other degenerative conditions.

Today Paragon and its medical research partners provide clients with the latest medical research, testing, and analysis necessary to custom design targeted interventions and or other therapies necessary to quickly address urgent healthcare issues.

Paragon’s research partners have had success treating many other disorders, and have developed leading protocols for treating and ameliorating dyslexia, autism, attention deficit disorder, and down syndrome.
For six years Bart Sambrook suffered from nerve-racking heart arrhythmia any time he lay down.

Consultations with three cardiologists failed to determine a cause or treatment.

Paragon's diagnosis & nutritional Intervention quickly solved the problem, and two years later Bart played in the Mens Doubles 40+ World Squash Final.
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