Year-round Monitoring of Nutrition, Metabolism and Performance for Athletes

  • For top athletes with the most demanding schedules
  •  To ensure maximum performance all year long

Critical nutrition and training factors ultimately make or break any high performance athlete that requires disciplined, daily training & conditioning to perform.  Test results from off-season training, and other experiments performed on athletes all show this.  For example in playoff hockey, the harder a player skates, hits, or concentrates on keeping the puck out of the net, the more certain nutrients are consumed.  These nutrients must be replenished to maintain the high level of intensity many players have at the beginning of the playoffs, but then lose as the playoff wears on.   

The success of NHL players and Olympic athletes using our custom nutrition supplement programs demonstrate the mental and physical advantage possible when certain nutrients are used prior to and after playing.  (See Pro & Olympic Athletes and Paragon Milestones in Sport

Proper balances of these nutrients will help any athlete or team excel through the regular season, and are critical to preventing many types of avoidable injury. This is because specific combinations of nutrients are required for quick confident thinking, play making, and muscle recovery.  Paragon’s nutrient and metabolism monitoring programs allow its athletes to stay loose & productive under pressure, and healthy.   On the other hand, its easy to spot athletes and teams who start out well, but ran out of gas.  This can often easily be prevented with simple nutrition and metabolic monitoring.  

Paragon’s year round monitoring of nutrition, metabolism, and performance gives any top athlete a serious advantage over the competition.  

Since 1987 we have provided top world class amateur and professional athletes with year round consulting, nutrition monitoring, and planning of training programs to increase speed, strength, endurance, and the ability to perform under pressure.   

This testing and monitoring has become necessary because North America’s food supply is so problematic for athletic performance.  It is overly processed, depleted of minerals, and high in toxins.  Because of this, any high performance athlete: 

  • requires specific bioavailable supplements; 
  • should avoid many foods thought to be “healthy”; and  
  • should be monitored using simple key indicators (i.e. hair mineral levels, saliva and urine pH, stool color, morning resting heart rate, etc.) to ensure metabolism and regeneration are maximized.

We pioneered the most advanced nutrition chemistry and metabolism testing programs for improving health and maximizing performance throughout the long season and playoffs facing most athletes today.

These R&D programs produced several revolutionary technologies that are transforming sport training, nutrition, and an athlete’s ability to compete.


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