MSR Training & Equipment

Paragon’s MSR Sport training methods and/or training & competition equipment, either designed by or with Paragon, has been used to set more than 50 international, Olympic, world, or professional league records in many different sports, including record velocities in the most contested events in all sport: track & field’s 100m, 200m, and 400m. 

For a summary of those athlete’s remarkable achievements, see Professional and Olympic Athletes 

Paragon’s MSR Training Methods   

MSR training methods and related equipment were developed by Paragon to address the inadequacies of conventional training methods and equipment.

Defining the Problem

There are limitations with conventional training and training equipment  

Most weight lifting actions don’t use the same motor pathways used in sport

  • traditional weight lifting trains you to lift weights
  • specific neuro-muscle pathways & motions are different for each sport
  • athletes are:
    • over-training muscle pathways not needed
    • wasting valuable time and bio-chemical energy that could be used on the muscle action they do need to develop

The Solution: Motor-Specific Resistance Training Techniques

MSR training techniques represent the next generation in sport training: 

  • they train your muscles the way you use them when playing your sport
  • transforming training for track and field, soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, most other sports, and women’s fitness training as well.

Here’s why it is so effective:

  • each athletic motion is unique: this equipment weight trains that specific motion
  • power = strength x speed: this equipment simultaneously develops both
  • the equipment weight trains an athlete’s muscles when practicing their sport
  • in a motor-specific manner not possible in a gym
  • allows unprecedented time savings due to efficiencies
  • enables rapid body toning in key areas
  • As importantly, MSR training equipment is easy to use

Weighted motor-specific Training Equipment represents the first major power/strength training innovation in several decades

Prior to this, the development of modern sport training essentially occurred in two revolutions:

  • 1930-1980’s: sport equipment developed is radically improved (by Bill Bowerman, Adi Dassler, Bill Head, Tacks, Tuuk, Rawlings, Wilson, etc.)
  • 1950-1990’s: introduction & refining of power training & Olympic lifting (and illegal steroids) to improve athletic power

The next revolution: Paragon’s Motor Specific Resistance power/strength training equipment 

  • it’s allowed the greatest increase in speed and power since the introduction of Olympic lifting
  • patented equipment weight trains every cell in the specific actions used when playing sport
  • these closely held training technologies have dramatically transformed our understanding of sport training

Paragon’s Weighted Footwear Insert

Paragon’s weighted foot wear inserts can be placed in any type of foot wear and used with a Paragon training program to train the athlete in the manner specific to his sport. 

Paragon’s Weighted Split Training

Paragon’s split training programs and apparatus trains an athlete’s legs, hips, torso and upper body in an unprecedented manner developing unprecedented strength and power gains for any sport requiring forward motion and balance.

Paragon’s Weighted Skating

Paragon’s simple weighted skating programs & equipment makes any skater faster, as our testing shows.  It has significantly improved every NHL and development player who has used it.

Paragon’s MSR Training & Equipment Test Results Summary

Every person or athlete, regardless of the level of previous conditioning, got into superior shape in about 75% less time with:

  • required workout time & total number of training days each reduced by half
  • flexibility and range of motion significantly enhanced
  • potential for injury significantly reduced
  • most importantly, all athletes, to have used the systems, including NHL players, achieved personal bests or significant increases in top speed and endurance 

To better quantify the magnitude of the gains realized with this technology as compared to traditional training methods, consider the following:

Only a few of the world’s most successful track and field sprinters have improved their speed by as much as 1.0% per year on their way to record performance.  Most champion athletes only improve 0.5% or less in a year.  However,  world class athletes testing our equipment for several sports improved by 4-8% in just three months or less… regardless of age or development. 

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