Why You Can Be a Top Athlete

  • Most athletes have the potential to be far better than they are
  • Many have the potential to be champions
  • But most don’t know this

Most think the odds of becoming a champion athlete are very small — say 1 in 100,000.  But with the right systems in place the odds are far better than most think.  

Paragon has clearly demonstrated this by coaching and/or helping so many hard working athletes in many sports to become world record holders, Olympic Champions, and top pros, often against the odds. See Paragon Milestones in Sport.

Paragon’s success in helping to develop athletes shows that anyone who works hard has the potential to become a good athlete, and that many have the potential to become champion athletes.

Our consistent results indicate that approximately:

  •  1 in 10 people has the physical ability to develop into a champion athlete, 
  •  1 in 10 has the mental ability to develop into a champion, and
  •  1 in 100 has both.  

However most kids, teenagers, adults (and parents) simply don't know this, and as a result never get or take the opportunity to properly develop into a good athlete. 

But just the fact that you are reading this indicates you may have the desire to be a top athlete.  So keep reading —  the pages below contain detailed, important information on training habits for any level of athlete.  

You won’t find this type of coaching and training information elsewhere, because Paragon developed most of it internally while developing its athletes over the past 20 years. 

Why Paragon Athletes Succeed: An Introduction to Paragon Training Methods

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