Customized Solutions

  • clean power for any location
  • wide range of technologies
  • scalable to any size
  • various ownership structures

Advancements in clean energy technologies allow installation of sustainable energy projects in virtually any environment, and at any scale.  While these tailored solutions may use a specific technology, they most often use a combination of technologies to capitalize on locally available renewable energy resources that generate power most cost-efficiently.  

We take a rigorous approach to understanding customer needs & specifications, and to matching these with the optimum technologies, financing, operations, and ownership structures.

Paragon is constantly sourcing cutting edge renewable energy solutions. While many renewable energy companies specialize in one technology, Paragon’s strategy is to bring a diverse portfolio of solutions to the table that include: emerging tech, power storage, smart grid tech, solar, wind, renewable cogen, and particulate and heavy metals filtration.

Paragon uses its expertise in multiple energy fields, as well as in manufacturing, operations, and finance, to provide highly customized solutions specific to the needs of the local environment.  Our portfolio approach to clean technology implementation, in combination with various models and options for plant ownership, financing and operations makes Paragon an adaptable solutions provider and committed partner who will work with local groups in all markets to generate the best plan for their communities.

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