• competitive advantage through expertise
  • diversity of knowledge across fields
  • high quality services from leading experts
  • customized technical solutions
  • broad-based technical efficiency

We believe smart companies can seize competitive advantage through strategic management of environmental and energy production challenges.

Paragon offers consulting services to large, medium, and small corporations, NGOs, and governments across a number of fields – whether for the selection of the appropriate technology for a specific application; supporting corporations in assessment of carbon-related risks and opportunities; adapting a client’s business in response to environmental risks and opportunities; or implementing the most cutting edge technology for their needs.

Paragon provides unparalleled energy system analysis, engineering & management consulting services to enable rapid deployment of cost-efficient, reliable, environment-friendly energy systems.  Our customized technical solutions and services are provided to utilities, government agencies, and corporations that seek to improve energy production, delivery, and end-use.

Paragon’s staff and partners have a broad-based technical proficiency in state-of-the-art energy systems. Our team works closely with clients to apply this expertise in the following service areas:

  • Energy Efficiency & Demand Reduction
  • Distributed Generation
  • Technology & Market Assessments
  • Energy Technology Research & Development
  • Pollution Control
  • Environmental Risk & Future Liability Assessment 
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