Why Paragon
Athletes Succeed

Our athletes set Olympic Bobsled Push records
in three straight Olympics: '94, '98, and '02

An Introduction to Paragon Training Methods

  • Follow these simple rules for success
  • They are 100% proven to produce results

Whether you are already a pro athlete, or just starting out in sport, to improve at any level you need to follow the same basic training rules day-in day-out:

1. Any athlete, whether a world champion or starting out, has to continuously work to get stronger, faster, and more flexible to reach full athletic potential.

Anyone can do this, even if you are slow as molasses now, or considered blazing fast. There is always room for improvement — just ask the best players in any game. 

The slowest athletes are capable of large and fast gains in speed and power.  If you are slow, you’ve just had bad training, and that can be reversed.

And if you are already fast and powerful, we can make you faster.  Every top level athlete Paragon has ever worked with has made significant improvements. This is because Paragon’s training is some of the most advanced, and few to date have had access to it.

2. Always work on building up your mental strength, and the disciplined training and practice habits that go with it. 

These are some of the most important tools, and the ones that will allow you to improve your entire career. 

Remember, everyone starts life from the same place — physically weak, and lacking knowledge & skill.

Anyone can get stronger, faster, smarter, and more skilled with efficient well planned work.  Most people just don’t have access to smart and efficient training programs and coaching.  

If you understand and implement rules 1 & 2 above, there is one final rule to becoming a top athlete: never be embarrassed or lack the confidence to work on the worst part of your game. 

This trait is what the best athletes have compared to those who aren’t so good.   

But once you learn these habits, it just a matter of time before you succeed if determined to do so.  Success is about desire & passion for doing something well.  And it applies to anything in life — not just sport and conditioning.  

Paragon’s most decorated champion athletes were not the most talented —  they were the most patient, the hardest working, the most passionate about getting better, and willing to fail before winning. 


Are You a Fulltime Athlete Trying to Become the Best? 

  •  1 in 10 people has the physical ability to develop into a champion athlete, 
  •  1 in 10 has the mental ability to develop into a champion, and
  •  1 in 100 has both.   

Anyone who has played in high level amateur and/or pro sport at any level (even if for just a few games or competitions) usually has the physical talent & ability to develop into a game-breaking athlete at the top pro levels.   At this higher level, the difference between great athletes / players and average players isn’t physical ability, it’s:

a) confidence, and, 

b) the continuous desire to train and practice more efficiently. 

In other words, the difference is superior mental strength and organizational skills.  Great athletes always prioritize well — whether they appear to or not — and they never give up.


The Cycle for Success

Almost anyone (at any age) can develop superior mental habits with the right plan.  They just need to be shown how.  And once you know how, success is very likely, because the right habits build a simple “cycle of success”.  

That cycle works like this:

- Smart habits, practice, & training bring rapid strength & performance gains, and with those gains comes confidence.  And that new confidence builds an ongoing belief in what is possible with continued smart practice, training, and habits.  

It’s really that simple — just ask any top professional and they will tell you that..

All top athletes have worked hard to develop full confidence in their preparation and honed skills.  Future top players are also confident — confident enough to keep patiently developing their skills while they rise to the next level.  Developing physical strength, superior practice & preparation skills, and the ability to perform is the key to maturing the athletic confidence that produces consistent superior mental strength and physical performance.


Most athletes don’t eat or train properly — and this can be your huge advantage

While any full-time athlete can initially improve a certain amount by just training or practicing hard, believe it or not, most high level amateur & pro athletes don’t have the most advanced training, or eat well enough, to allow for the consistent day in - day out physical strength and mental sharpness that’s required to become a top performer.  

As discussed below, the sooner an athlete adopts the most advanced programs available, the sooner that athlete will get to a much higher level — it’s that simple.

The next section of this website is a Summary of Paragon Training Principles. It discusses the foundation principles that allow Paragon athletes to consistently succeed.  Any level of athlete —champion or beginner — should review this.  This information isn’t found anywhere else, as Paragon and its athletes developed most of these principles and techniques internally while training and developing over the past 20 years. 

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