• providing investment opportunity
  • optimizing financial structure
  • matching needs with partners
  • securing government support
  • enhancing profitability

The clean technology sector offers significant opportunity for business and investors interested in financial growth.  With insights into this industry and the constant monitoring of new developments and technologies, Paragon is well positioned to source new investment opportunities for clients interested in making a major acquisition or taking a small stake in a new energy venture.

We also provide potential emerging technology companies with the opportunity to source funding to commercialize their research & development activities through our network of private investors and financial partners.  Paragon realizes that this matching service is a key element to building the renewable energy sector and helping to bring new technology to market.  Without access to capital many innovative technologies may never leave the laboratory.

Paragon’s team is experienced in utilizing government programs in place to support this emerging sector.  There are numerous programs extended by governments at federal and state levels that are in place to stimulate advanced & sustainable economic development.  We are well positioned to advise companies on how to best source forward thinking government programs that fund projects, either with R&D grants & tax credits, Feed-in Tariffs (FITs), and/or new technology implementation tax credits.

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