Informing Government & Business

This website is committed to providing governments, NGOs, industry, and consumers with the latest research knowledge and access to technical resources to solve these serious climate and related environmental problems. 

  • This website and upcoming internet campaigns are designed to provide access to a wide range of needed information
    • A comprehensive review & analysis of the most current climate research
    • Related research, contacts, and other info also available.   
    • Summary of cost effective technologies capable of solving the problem
    • Potential government strategy, and policy & tax-incentive based financial models to enhance technology implementation and generate economic prosperity        
  • Paragon and its partners will use this website, press releases, and email campaigns to inform the world's politicians, business leaders, academics, environment groups, and media
    • Paragon has been organizing and building its mailing list over the past 3 years 

For any global climate strategy and policy-assisted emissions reduction plan to be successful, it must appeal to human nature and the desire for profit; preserve and ultimately transfer the wealth of the world's corporate stockholders; and not dislocate world economies.  Otherwise, regardless of its merit it will be resisted and fail.

To further asses potential fiscal policy, regulation, and infrastructure planning models to bring about the rapid market-driven implementation of clean technology on the massive scale required, we’ve brought together some of the most dynamic, socially & environmentally conscious, leaders in the energy business to provide feed-back and insights on how this can be best achieved.

And everyone is in agreement that any technology implementation plan needs to provide superior economic results as compared to maintenance of the status quo.

With that in mind, and because tax policy and the desire for money drive most human and corporate behaviour, our plan and policy recommendations are supported by data that show:

  • why various tax incentives can further drive implementation of profit driven technology solutions, that meet or exceed parity for market costs in affected markets.
  • how improved energy & pollution reduction efficiency will generate world-wide economic, climate, and health benefits.
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