Environment, Health & Liability

  • Paragon is driving new research
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  • medical science is shifting
  • particle and toxin regulation are in flux
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Paragon helps clients avoid future environment and climate related liability.

New research discoveries are rapidly changing and advancing climate, environmental, and medical science, and with that, our understanding of the effects of human industrial activity on health, the environment, and climate.  This new research is replacing conventional thinking discussed in mainstream media today.

Paragon is at the forefront of such research.  Sam Bock, Director of Research, has produced ground breaking climate, environmental, and medical research & papers used by governments, corporations, and NGOs.

In 1999 Bock’s research and presentation affected the drafting of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, and has since been used by corporate clients to reduce pollution and avoid future liability.

In 2004 Bock was one of the first researchers to effectively demonstrate through metabolic testing of married couples that specific nutrient consumption modulates human genetic expression and health in specific manners, regardless of a person’s individual genetic make-up.

In 2006 Bock was the first to recognize that particulate air pollution (primarily carbonaceous soots ) appears to be the primary driver of regional and global climate.

In 2007 Bock was first to recognize that atmospheric soot pollution’s water dispersing nature (that prevents normal cloud formation) is also dramatically enhancing the Green House effect of a given amount of water vapour. Water vapour is the primary green house gas found in a normal atmosphere, and is normally responsible for about 89% of an unpolluted atmosphere’s natural Green house effect.

In 2008, using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), Bock’s research recognized and demonstrated the accelerating affects of coal soot, mercury, and other heavy metal pollution on water systems and the fish, animals, and humans consuming them.

In 2010 ENMAX Corporation of Calgary used Paragon’s climate and environment research to demonstrate the toxic heavy metal issues and regional & global warming effects related to black & brown carbon particulates, volatile metal, and other emissions related to coal burning, thereby helping convince Environment Minister Jim Prentice and the Canadian government to phase out coal-fired generation plants in Canada.

These and other research insights allow Paragon to predict future environmental, health, and regulatory trends affecting clients. 

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