Paragon Community Initiatve

Since 1989, Paragon has donated roughly half of its revenue and work hours to volunteer initiatives central to its credo, and has been actively developing and promoting socially progressive, market-driven models for government regulation and taxation policy to both promote health and generate wealth. 

We believe corporations and governments must make it their business to solve the health care, environment, climate-change, and energy production crises affecting the world — in a sustainable manner without disrupting ongoing human and economic development. 

A private company, we provide advanced research, design, engineering, manufacturing, and consulting for clean energy systems development, climate & environmental science, medical & health science, sport equipment and facility development, and government policy development.  

In the past 10 years Paragon has generated major advancements in climate science research, as well as potential energy technology developments and policy solutions to solve climate and environmental toxicity problems.

We have also developed advanced metabolic diagnostics & medical systems for the treatment of disease, for use in toxin screening & detoxification, and for use in Olympic & professional sport.  Our highly advanced diagnostics & treatments have reversed paralysis, multiple sclerosis, chronic pancreatitis, various cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, recurrent C-Difficile, and many other serious diseases and conditions. Athletes using athletic coaching methods, metabolic diagnostics & sport equipment technologies we developed and provided have won numerous Olympic Gold medals, world championships, and have set more than 50 world bests and records in many sports.

Committed to developing models for physical fitness and health, Paragon has been supporting the cost-effective development of amateur sport in Canada and elsewhere since 1989.  

Paragon has developed affordable energy efficient world class training facilities that cover full-length running tracks and provide state-of-the-art technologies to allow proper year round multi-sport speed training in any climate. 

Today it costs about $50-$80M Cdn. to build a traditional domed Olympic facility like those in Calgary, Lillehammer, and Nagano.  Paragon’s new buildings will cost as little as $1M-$10M each, adapt to varying weather conditions, and require very little energy or maintenance.

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