The following are some of the letters and emails Paragon’s Director of Research Sam Bock, has received from case study subjects, leading researchers, medical doctors, athletes, and coaches over the years. They are grouped according to subject:
Health & Medical
Energy & Climate

Dear Sam, 

I don’t know how many years it has been since I first went to see you with my recurring diverticular disease. To my way of thinking it has been at least twelve years, perhaps more. However regardless of how long ago it was, I cannot overstate how grateful I am for your intervention.  

The good health that I enjoy today is remarkable when you consider that prior to my going to see you; I had no fewer than five episodes of Diverticulitis in a three year period. Three of these episodes required hospitalization. After the last period of hospitalization, my GP suggested to me that the only way to solve this recurring problem was through surgery. He referred me to a colorectal surgeon who, after several examinations and numerous tests, agreed that a colon resection was indeed the only answer. I reluctantly resigned myself to the necessity of this invasive procedure. Then fate intervened when it was suggested that I contact you.

The rest, as they say, is history. The dietary changes that you prescribed have become part of my everyday living. My recurring diverticular disease is no more than a bad memory. I now know that conditions such as mine can be cured through proper diet. As you said long ago, given the proper nutrients, the body can repair itself. However, it is more complicated than that. My good fortune was that I was treated by someone who possessed a sound scientific background and the courage to think outside the box. Please accept my thanks.  Best, D.

Hey Sam -- All is well, very well, in fact - thanks in no small measure to your time and ideas.  Thank you.    Jane (named changed) had her third followup CT week before last, and everything is (still) all clear.  Almost two years out now, and that's a big threshold, according to the medical community.   I think she finally believes the cancer may be gone and may not be coming back.  I've seen a real change in her since that last CT scan.  The old Jane is finally back!  I hadn't really noticed she was gone, but now that she's back, I realize how much I missed her.  I talked to Bill yesterday for the first time in about 5 years.  It was great catching up with him.  We talked about you and how much help you were to Jane and I after her initial diagnosis back in '03.   Likewise, hope all's well with you.  

Hi Sam,

I just wanted to thank you again for ALL of your help, I truly appreciate everything you have done!

It paid off too -- with TWINS!!

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. B.  

I wanted to write to thank you so much for the recommendations you gave me when I was visiting in May.  It is coming up to three months since I incorporated all of your suggestions and I am so thrilled with the results.  My skin has totally cleared up, I’ve lost at least 10 pounds, I no longer crave any sugar or processed food, and mentally I feel so calm and clear headed.  

Thank you so much for your help, you have truly changed my life!  Thank you so much for the time you took with me! 


You are the greatest. I need to hire you for a 30 min phone consultation. I want to pay you for your advise. Let me know if you are available for this and the number and times that are best for me to call. Dr. P.D. MD 

Dear Sam,

About six years ago I began to notice heart palpitations after going for a run or after lying down. Over the next few years it seemed to become more frequent  and it would happen two or three times per day. I was alarmed and went to my doctor who referred me to a well known heart specialist in Montreal. I was then put through stress tests, ultra-sounds, 24 hour heart rate monitors and the conclusion was that I had a heart arrhythmia that he could not explain the origin of but that it was a benign type and I should go home and relax and “be glad you are alive every day when you wake up".

I did this but the stress of the daily palpitations wore on me and I met with another heart specialist who ended up concluding the same thing. It was stress he said and I was not to worry.  I then met with a heart surgeon in New York state who again said the same thing to me.  I noticed that over time as the palpitations increased in frequency that it happened more and more when I was in a prone position at any time of day or night. 

This brings me to my first visit with you.  We spoke for five minutes and then you gave me some calcium and magnesium to take right away.  Since that moment I have had exactly one palpitation over all these weeks !!  I am finding out now how stressed I was over this because I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted.  Every time I lie down I expect something to happen and then it doesn't. What a great feeling. The stress relief is huge… 

 … I have had chronic reflux problems for the past three years and I have not had an episode since I first met with you last month. I am not taking any medication and I feel the best I have in years. I recently had a massage and it was the first time ever that there were no knots in my back that had to be worked on extensively to relieve. I am about to ramp up my training levels and I will report back on my flexibility and anything else that comes up.  Once again thanks for you help.  

Best regards, B. 

This note was from the same case study subject above 2 1/2 years later… 

Hi Sam, 

I thought you might be interested. I just lost in the finals of the world doubles squash championships in Toronto last weekend.  The season is over and time to do some offseason training and come back full force for next year. Thanks for your help with the goat whey.  Back on track. 

Best Regards, B 

This following email was from a leading NY neurologist after he reviewed Paragon’s treatment protocol for a stroke patient:

“I think the role of nutrition in stroke rehab is terra incognita.  The only rule that we follow is to keep blood sugar concentration low since high levels are known to extend infarcts and lead to worse outcomes. 

You have a lot to teach Sam. You should go on the medical seminar circuit.  (I'm serious!) Dr. P.V. MD 

Dear Sam,

I wanted to write to tell you about my progress and to thank you for your advise. I have not been sick yet all winter!! I have been pretty consistent with the organic food and spring water. I take an mixed oil mixed with omega-3 and omega-6. I also do the goats whey. It seem to be working my health is much better this winter.

Hope you are well and I hope you survived the holidays. Thank you for all your wonderful advise it seems to be working! 


Your knowledge on nutrition, health, and medicine amazed me.  Thank so much for sending your book. 

L. L., president of a consulting firm 

Dear Sam, 

Thank you so very much for your help and friendship this week.   I was very scared.  I do believe this was a good thing as this will make us both get our health sorted out.  A holiday on the beach and some good fish and vitamins will start 2010 off on the right track!” 


I would like to thank you again for all your precious advice. After not being able to find the Omega Balance Oil I opted for the Sunflower seed oil/Flax oil mix with 2 tbsp of each in my milkshake. I also stopped running for now but did some yoga to feel still active.  And guess what?!  My milk supply came back!   I used to have a hard time pumping 1 oz at night and the 2 last nights I was able to reach 4 oz!   Thanks again.  

Bonjour Mr. Bock, 

I have read your paper ''You and Your Genetics Are What You Eat'' and started to eat as you were suggesting.

Thank you for any help and congratulation for your paper. I do not know how many people you helped with this but at least, it help one person! 

This is my testimonial for the superb care, advice, and friendship offered to me in my time of need by Sam Bock, Director of Research at Paragon.

I’m a 61 year old male who has carried 70-90 pounds of excess weight since my football playing days over 40 years ago.  Seemingly healthy otherwise I was diagnosed in the early 90’s with high blood pressure and was prescribed Avalide by Dr. C.  My weight at the time was approaching 290 lbs.  Within five years I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and prescribed Metformin by my new family MD, Dr. K.  I was told then about Metabolic Syndrome and that I should do something about my obesity.  Over the next few years my doctor began increasing the strength of the blood pressure medicine and also moved from Metformin to Avandamet.  I was obviously not following his advice to lose the weight.  It was in this time frame that I was introduced to Sam Bock.  Over the next 15 years Sam and I would become good friends and I admired his genuine passion for matters of health and nutrition as well as his many innovative training techniques for elite Olympic athletes.  While disclosing a desire to move away from pharmaceuticals and get healthier Sam recommended hair analysis as a precursor to effective treatment.  

My HTMA analysis showed high levels of heavy metals in my system namely Cadmium and Lead.   Paragon’s medical team in Ontario at the NutriChem Laboratory provided the recommended oral chelation therapy in an attempt to rid my body of the heavy metals. I followed this regimen for several months and following Sam’s advice further, I sought out a new MD that followed natural healing practices rather than “prescription mania” that seemed to be rampant with the other doctors I had visited.  My new MD in Calgary, Dr. J was actively treating his patients with intravenous chelation therapy and I signed up for four months worth of treatments.  After this I supplied another hair sample to Sam’s colleagues at the Trace Elements lab.  The results were tremendous as the heavy metals had indeed been purged from my body and I was in the normal range for most elements!  This provided encouragement to eat healthier and start doing some exercise.  I was determined to wean myself of as many prescription medications as I could and I embarked down that road with a vengeance.   Unfortunately over Christmas of 2005 I became physically edgy and because Dr. J at the time was away for the holiday season I felt obliged to visit the local walk-in clinic.  Dr. S found I was experiencing very high blood pressure and proceeded to prescribe Norvasc to be taken in addition to the Avalide I had been taking.  He also ordered blood tests that later confirmed I had above normal levels of cholesterol.  His solution was to prescribe Crestor, a statin drug.  At this point I was having second thoughts about my experience with Dr. J who was also a licensed MD.  Rather than prescribe pharmaceuticals like the other doctors I had seen I felt like he was pushing vitamins, minerals, and other natural products and soon I had a cupboard full of them.  While there is a lot to be said for some of these remedies I wasn’t comfortable with the “sales job” he was using nor was I certain it was in my best interest to be taking a suitcase full of supplements in addition to the prescriptions I obviously still needed.  

Possibly because I was looking for quick solutions to my health concerns I may have jumped in too far with Dr. J but now I was getting scared.  I stayed on the Crestor for three or four months and finally took some positive steps toward nutritional eating habits as well as engaging a personal trainer that came to our home once a week.  Over a period of 8 months I lost a few pounds and was now weighing in about 270.  In early December 2009 I went for my annual checkup with the Dr. S who had since agreed to become our family doctor.  After doing an EKG he announced that he was sending me to a heart specialist as I had developed arrhythmia.  He scheduled appointments for a stress test, echocardiogram and halter monitor.  I had been feeling listless for a few months but couldn’t pinpoint what was causing it.  As I was making a career move earlier in the year I thought there could be some underlying stress at work.  At this point I reached out again to my old friend Sam.  He provided some reading material about the effects of statins and also called to tell me personally the story of his own father who had recently reversed his problematic cholesterol problems with targeted nutrition.  By the end of December I was following Sam’s advice to reduce my cholesterol and had stopped taking Crestor replacing it with daily Krill Oil, CoQ10, flax oil and magnesium supplements.

My first stress test was to prove inconclusive as my blood pressure exceeded their parameters before they could finish their test and I had to stop.  My echocardiogram showed no abnormal conditions or blockages.  The second stress test was scheduled for a month later with strict instructions by the cardiologist to cut back on calories and get onto some regular exercise.  

My second stress test went extremely well resulting with the cardiologist reporting no heart issues, no arrhythmia and no need for further visits to see him!

I have slowly adopted a new life style paying closer attention to food nutrition and portion control and now faithfully follow a regular exercise schedule.   I now weigh in at 257 lbs. and am feeling better than I have for years.  I have a good outlook on life and know what I have to do to get healthier which includes losing another 40 odd pounds!  

I will be going to see Dr. S for another annual check-up and I’m anxious to see what he has to say.  Perhaps he will advance his thinking a bit to recognize there could be other forms of treatments available if not to outright concede he may not have all the answers!

Thanks Sam! 

This note was from a case study subject suffering from very severe ulcerative colitis.  He had not had a normal bowel movement in over 15 years.  When he came to ask our help, he was suffering through 18 — 20 bouts of diarrhea per day.

Dear Sam,

Just got back from 5 days in Waterloo where Carol and I were helping my son move.  I am feeling great and loving not being sick.

Going to the bathroom approx twice in the mornings between 8 and noon and then nothing till the following morning. Pretty amazing!

Down to 4 prednisone a day and will be decreasing to 3 a day starting Friday.  This is kind of a crucial period right there.  Going to the gym 2-3 times a week and trying to get some strength back especially in the legs.

Eating mostly fish, chicken, brown rice, spinach and zuccini and soups that Carol is still making such as chicken soup and lentil soup.

Have been negligent as to juicing and I know you want to kick my butt for that-- but I realize the importance and promise to get that together.

Hope you are taking care of yourself. 

Dear Mr. Bock,

Bob David has forwarded your question to me. You correctly conclude that b-oxidation steps are required to complete the mammalian biosynthetic process for forming DHA, as illustrated in Figure 5.9 of our book. That particular set of reactions occurs in the peroxisome, where the process proceeds stepwise with release of products that can potentially leave to avoid further oxidation. In the mitochondria , on the other hand, long- or very long-chain fatty acids tend to be oxidized completely to acetate.

Peroxisomal activity is, first of all, regulated by many factors that govern peroxisome populations in hepatocytes. Chief among those factors are the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor (PPAR) systems. Some aspects of PPAR mechanisms are illustrated in Figure 5.12. They are sensitive to many physiological factors, and drugs like Actose and Gemfibrozil are directed at them.

The biochemical pathways of b-oxidation within the peroxisomes are most critically dependent on niacin (NAD+), riboflavin (FAD) and pantothenic acid (Coenzyme A). The pathway also is modulated by the ability to recycle the reducing equivalents (NADH & FADH2) via reductive biosynthesis or mitochondrial electron transport (requiring iron, CoQ10) and ATP formation (requiring Mg-ADP).

I hope these comments may give you some insight about the cofactor requirements for DHA formation. The process involves only the commonly used nutrient-derived factors required for the major flow of energy metabolism.

Regarding childhood development and DHA, one might see enhanced DHA biosynthesis as a mechanism to explain the apparent favorable responses of autistic children to the PPAR-stimulation of Actose. Although such a conclusion may be true, I have very serious reservations about giving high doses of Actose or any other PPAR-stimulating drugs to small children (and adults).

Richard S. Lord, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Metametrix Institute 

Note: This series of emails over a 6 month period was from an associate who had Paragon develop a strategy for her father who had been diagnosed with heart disease. 

Hi Sam, 

Hope this note finds you well. So, had many chats with my dad. He has put the Whitaker book on hold at the library and will be reading it as soon as he gets it (probably has it by now). He is very interested in gaining more knowledge. It would be great if you could have a chat with him but wanted to let you know where his head is at prior to the call so you can have the most productive discussion. He has spent many hours on the internet trying to increase his awareness of options available. His feedback so far:

1) He doesn't believe/understand how he might remove any of the existing plaque/blockage without surgical intervention. Doesn't make sense to him.

2) Doesn't understand how a drug as widely used as Lipitor could be dangerous or may not be the right course of action. In his mind millions of people have been treated with it, how could it be bad? 

3) Why would the treatment options provided to him by a 'trained' medical doctor not be the best possible options. 

This is a very black and white view of his comments but he is open to hear and get further educated on the prospect of alternative options. I think he is somewhat frustrated with the fact that there is no definitive solution and that there are differing opinions(he is an engineer, when it isn't logical and out of his control it bugs him) I know it's not your “job” to convince him but I am hoping you can give him some feedback on your science so he gets the best possible care.

As for fees, this is not an issue, just let me know if you require any consulting fees for this initial discussion and will be happy to provide. 

Thanks again Sam.  

Six days later…


Thanks so much for your help and follow-up.  I can tell you he has come a long way since even speaking to you. He had been on the internet and has read most of Whitaker's book already and is now speaking and different story and strategy. His thinking has shifted considerably as a result of:

1) Your education & discussion with him.

2) Reading Whitaker book.

3) Research on the internet.

A couple of other key points:

- Mayo Clinic website has been very helpful for him as it discusses that if you do indeed are told you have a heart issue step 1 is change diet step 2 consider drugs....etc. This ticked him off as his GP went straight from stress test to Lipitor. Additionally it talks to the benefit of supplements to aid your recovery/maintain your health/reverse heart disease. Great web site!

- He started experiencing muscle cramps and soreness. So he went on the internet to learn about Lipitor side effect. Discovered that recommended dosage for Lipitor is 10 mg at first then build up if not seeing results. His GP put him on 40 mg right away...again ticked off.

- He has decided that he will be communicating that by-pass surgery will be absolutely be a last result & quite frankly is not open to it at this point. His key question to the cardiologist tomorrow is really more about angioplasty. He has heard that sometimes while the angiogram procedure is taking place that if they find significant blockage that they will do angioplasty or insert a stent right then and there.

Actions he has taken so far:

- Has stopped taking Lipitor all together.

- Is taking Krill and Flax Seed oil.

- Is altering diet but needs more specific direction here.

- I have sent to him your paper yesterday.

- I have sent to him my hair sample results to give him further understanding of mineral balances in the body.

Next steps:

- He wanting to understand the potential downsides of a solution that is a combination of Angioplasty/stent. & supplements. His current thought is why not go ahead with this to boost how he feels immediately then continue with supplements & exercise etc. to keep/stay healthy and eventually remove some of the plaque.

- He will definitely be open to taking the supplements below and I will take ownership of getting this stuff for him.

- Cardiologist appointment tomorrow and will be scheduling the angiogram.

- (we’d like to do a) hair sample  

He has not been feeling well at all and had to take a nitro puff on the weekend after trying to go for a walk. So he is getting quite impatient as he is like a caged lion...wants to get outside and do things!!

Lastly - I can tell you that this could and would have gone a completely different direction if I had not known you or that you had not taken the time to discuss with him. You have converted a person that I believe would have been the unconvertible to (as he used to call) "snake oil" to better his health and think about long term sustainable solutions, vs.. the quick fix that may have created several other issues. I know we are still at the beginning of the journey but I personally have much more confidence that we/he is in control of his own care & health because he is better informed. 

For this I am very thankful Sam. 

2 weeks after that…


Thanks for taking the time to review...this looks very comprehensive. I am just about to sit down and read it now. 

I did send you an e-mail last night with Dad's drug info but not sure if it got through, so I am going to send again just in case. Went to doc's today and nothing new really, he was just checking his wounds and all that good stuff. We discussed the pain in his side and he has an ultra-sound next Thursday (23rd) to see if it might be a kidney stone. We also went for blood but results are not in yet. He will be getting blood tests Wed & Friday of this week also. We didn't get into a deep discussion about his medication etc, but Dad did express his concern specifically about Amiodarone and the Dr seemed to nod a bit and say well the prescription is only for a month...and he doubted it would be extended. Dad said he would be very reluctant to do so. So, we didn't gain any closure but I think he knows where we stand. As for the other meds (Statin & Beta Blocker), he said that Dad would most likely be on these for the rest of his life (in response to the statement that my Dad made that his goal was to get off these drugs). Doctor said that the statistics show that the long term survival rate of post heart surgery patients is very high with this medication treatment (vs. without)....but in the same breath said that the beta blockers would make him somewhat lethargic compared to what he used to be ("you will get tired out playing tennis")...so you get to live...but be tired forever...grrrr. Anyway, Dad was out of steam so I brought him home and he is now reading your paper very carefully (I printed it for him as he can't sit at the computer for that long). I think the key thing that he is struggling with is the conflicting messages he is getting. So he is doing the right thing, reading to see if he can understand better to have a more educated conversation about his options....the last thing the doctor said was....well it is your body and you can do what you want. Net, net he is still very interested in a drug-free life an believes that with his "new" arteries there is no reason why he can't be even better than before!

Next day…

Dad heavily into your paper now, was reading about how kidney stones might have prevented if more magnesium in the body...very interesting (particularly considering he has had 2 in his lifetime prior). 

Have a good day :-) 

6 months later…

hi there...thought I would pass along :-)))

Hope you are well.

-----Original Message-----
From: HS
Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2007 2:32 PMSubject: Blood Tests

I will not have all the numbers till next week but based on blood work last week, it looks as though my numbers have improved significantly.  HDL now up to 1.48 versus 0.97 earlier.  LDL now 1.87 as I recall and ratio about 2.5 which is the lowest it has been since we started keeping score.  More info next week.  

Good job on the diet gang. 



-----Original Message-----
From: HS
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2007 8:09 PMSubject: Last Communique

Had my exit meeting from the rehab program today and picked up the lab test results as well as other info taken at the start of the program in January compared with now.  January data is in brackets. 

Total Cholesterol 3.63 (3.37); Triglycerides 0.62 (0.82); HDL 1.48 WOW(1.06); LDL 1.87 (1.91); Ratio 2.45 (3.18); BMI 23 (24) target is <25 ; weight 63Kg (67Kg).

So all the numbers are good and well within the recommended range.  

So, thanks for all the help with diets etc and encouragement.  The job now will be maintenance of diet and exercise.

Love, Dad

Hello Sam,

I see that you still have a sharp eye for teasing out relevant details from comments like the statement on p 368. I remember deliberating about how to phrase that aspect of glutathione interventions, but I always like to present the potential downsides to broadcast nutrient supplementation.

Basically, you have a green light for NAC use when any of the markers of oxidative or detoxification challenge, or the more direct markers of GSH biosynthesis up-regulation are positive. By the way, I was very pleased recently to find direct evidence that RBC Mg is a marker of REDUCED (GSH) status (see attached). So we can add low RBC Mg as a marker giving the green light to NAC supplementation.

The patient that you describe presents an opportunity for us to examine the lab results from the somewhat rare perspective of a physiologic state of chronic, extreme energy metabolism flux. We also may presume a state of hyper-normal anabolic metabolism, with upper range testosterone, etc. Thus, we note:

  • First, the typical amino acid pattern of depleted glutathione status is missing, esp. Low Met, Thr, Gly, Ser.
    • This pattern is found in the patient on the other end of the cellular energy flux spectrum, such as the depressed patient with fibromyalgia symptoms.
    • But, here, we are not dealing with that kind of patient
  • A preponderance of mitochondrial vs. peroxisomal oxidation
    • Regular transition with sat. FA chain length from low to high levels. The VLCFA require peroxisomal oxidation, whereas MCFA pass directly into the mitochondrial FA oxidation system, and both organelles act on LCFA.
  • Propionate flux exceeding normal
    • Multiple elevated odd-chain FA with normal markers for B12 & biotin
  • High rate of PUFA metabolism
    • Low n-6 FA’s in spite of mid-range LA (and robust dietary fat consumption)
    • This pattern may be particularly relevant to the matter of LPO production.  Recalling that, inside the mitochondria, excess reducing equivalents means high oxidative stress, an individual who is pushing mitochondrial function to its limits needs very robust maintenance of the redox state of their mitochondria. This phenomenon derives from the transfer of electrons from NADH directly to O2 and other substrates like membrane PUFA’s, producing superoxide and lipid peroxides.
  • Localization of oxidative stress to membranes rather than the aqueous regions of the nucleus.
    • No elevation of 8-OHdG
    • Further support of the above described mechanism
  • High state of NO tone
    • Low plasma Arg with high Orn points to this conclusion
    • Although the concept of “NO tone” needs further clarification and support, I am groping for a term to describe the phenomenon of plasma Arg going low in people with optimized metabolic function like athletes and those who undertake long-term, serious caloric restrictors for life extension. They display great endothelial relaxation response in spite of (or in concert with) very low plasma Arg.
    • Also, although we don’t have direct markers of NO challenge (nitrotyrosine is not ready for routine reporting), we should suspect that NO oxidative stress whenever the direct markers (LPO & 8-OHdG) are elevated.

Thus, the laboratory results paint a consistent picture of increased need for glutathione support, and they help to explain the clinical observation of improved health status produced by NAC. The reciprocal relationship found in the two reports of serum fat-soluble antioxidant nutrients with serum LPO further reveals the need for membrane antioxidant protection against the reducing equivalent storms that such athletes induce in their tissues.

In terms of long-term health advice, patients like this might be cautioned about their transition from active status to retirement. Their highly conditioned bodies will go through massive changes, especially with regard to glutathione demands when they stop regular training and performances. During that interval is where the issue of NAC over-use can become the health issue. They can continue to monitor salient markers to judge how to alter use of supplemental nutrients.

Kind regards, Richard S. Lord, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Metametrix Institute

Note: Comments received on first draft of You and Your Genetics are What you Eat from Cyrus Kuhzarani, R.Phm., B.Sc.Phm., and then Lab Director, International Center for Metabolic Testing, Ottawa, Canada. 

Dear Sam,  

Thank you for sending your paper...  I just read the first 50 pages and am impressed about the detailed, structured and referenced work you have put together. I can see how much time you must have put into it and I would think it is a very complete "draft" 

The Honourable Denis Coderre

Secretary of State (Amateur Sport)
House of Commons
October 29, 2001

Dear Mr. Coderre,

As you know, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton constantly reviews its programs and methods to incorporate the most innovative and successful training, coaching, and equipment making techniques.  At times we obtain our innovations from our competition,   while at other times we create and implement Canadian technology and ideas.  I am pleased to inform you that a new Canadian training technique has piqued our interest and could very applicable to other sports beyond those of bobsleigh and skeleton.  Sam Bock of Montreal, a long time participant in the Canadian sporting community, has written to you to inform you of the development of weighted plate training technology.

Some of our athletes have incorporated Mr. Bock’s method into their training program with excellent results.  To cite an example, despite being one the smallest athletes on the national bobsleigh team, one athlete has surpassed national and international sprinting and pushing standards while using weighted plates.

We feel that given the requisite exposure, weighted plate training technology could positively affect training for most sports in Canada.  Moreover, Canadian athletes could have a large and unprecedented advantage if this technology were to remain Canadian.  At a time when our national teams need to develop athletes to represent Canada successfully on the international stage, I urge you should explore this development to determine its potential.

Yours truly, Terry Gudzowsky, President, Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton 

Sam, Just letting you know that hill is 200m!, that makes the times even better, not too bad especially when I'm going to run It under 30 secs real soon. My hamstrings were pumped today and a little sore from those splits, as you do them more vigorously [with more speed, technique] you really feel them in your hammies, chest pumped and sore as well. Probably was a good idea to rest today, I think I've forgotten how taxing the weighted plates can be, also the splits shouldn’t be trifled with either. Hope your projects are evolving successfully. What is your idea of other athletes outside of your group using getting involved with the plates, my friend Jeff Snook is interested. He is the only one who knows of this idea.  If you want his email or If your just to busy I'll understand, I haven't told him yes or no. He's the P.Eng who runs 11.0 secs, nice guy. Anyway I'll talk to you later, W. 

From 1995 and 1997 4x 100m world Champion and 1996 4 x 100m Gold medalist Glenroy Gilbert in reference to his testing of Paragon’s weighted inserts.

“Just a short note to let you know that I got your email today and all is well. I ran my 6 x 200m today and they were all in 31sec. I only mention this because with the same rest in the past I was only able to run 36-37, so there is some progress being made here.” 

Note: This was received from Steve Wiseman prior to his 749Lb squat lift in Yarmouth Nova Scotia in November 2003. 

“Made the lift, close to all time record of 755lbs, this federation is drug tested, take care Sammy, Wiser    will have the records for this fed this year.” 

Note: The email below came from 18 year old David Perron just prior to his first St. Louis Blues camp.  Just 11 months earlier David had used Paragon’s metabolic testing, targeted nutrition and MSR weighted split training to get ready for his tryout with the Lewiston Maniacs in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.  David not only made the team, but became an overnight sensation, leading his team in scoring, and to the Memorial Cup, finishing with 83 points in 70 games: 39 goals, 44 assists, +37.  He finished 2nd  amongst all QMJHL rookies in scoring and was selected for Junior Team Canada for the 8 game series against Russia, where he finished 4th in scoring.  That summer he drafted 26th in the 1st round to St. Louis and a few months later became the 3rd youngest player in Blues history to make the team.  

Hey Sam, 

I started to do the split training and I feel great after doing it... I’ve done:

6 sets of 40 with 5lbs(First 3 warm up, 2 good ones, and the last one a cool down for the first session) and 1 set of 40 with 5lbs, 2 sets of 50 with 5lbs, 1 set of 40 with 7,5 lbs, 1 set of 50 with 7,5 lbs and 1 set of 50 with 5 lbs (First 3 warm up, and the 4th and 5th one being pretty intense and the last one as a cool down) I feel really loose in the hip after doing the splits and I look forward to keep doing it until camp!

I'm actually going to Mtl as I write that on my phone which I will turn off after I'm done haha (It’s always turned off pretty much since u told me it was bad haha) to turn a 1 hour show with Joel Bouchard in Rosemere for the Mcdonald Academy to teach young kids technical stuff about hockey, its gonna be on TV this winter! Anyways can't wait to hear back from you!

Like my brother told you, my quad/knee is doing much better and I stretch right after training for 20 30 mins and then I go in the Hot tube for 5 mins while massaging my quad and then I go in the cold shower for 5 mins. I do that every day now after work out!

Thanks again, David 

Note: This was received from a full time paediatrician who had asked to use Paragon’s weighted inserts for training for her first Iron-man competition.  Paragon helped plan her training. 


The race went great--thanks for all your help.  It took just under 13 hours to complete--weather was perfect, my bike worked great and with the exception of a few rough moments (wouldn't be an ironman without) the whole experience was amazing.  I still can't believe it's over.

My legs were pretty good on the run (except for about 10-15km in the middle).  My run took 4h 45min but I did the last 10k in about 50-55min I think which is not bad at the end of 12 hours.  The insoles undoubtedly made a difference in my running (I was passing people by the dozens near the end). I finished around the middle of the pack (including both males and females overall).  So I still have much room for improvement but am very happy with how I did for my first race.

Thanks again for all your help.  J. 

Note:  This received from the same paediatrician / athlete above.  After competing her first Ironman, she decided to enter her first Canadian Duathlon Championships.  She finished second and qualified for the World Championships!


I have decided not to opt for the world duathlon championships this year.  I am swamped at work since I put so many things on hold with the Ironman training.  Next year though, I think I will try to do some speed training and improve my short-course tri and duathlon times.  Let me know if you think of any good ideas for revolutionary training.  I will continue to use the weights starting again n Jan if you think that is a good idea.  Are they the right weight for shorter training too? (ie 10k run, 40k bike).

Hope all is well. Thanks for all your help.  By the way, when am I allowed to start bragging about the virtues of your weights? (I haven't told anyone but am dying to tell a few people who would be very interested including the one friend who was here for the duathlon who is a coach at one of the top private sports schools in Toronto and coaches tons of elite athletes in various different sports there--his kids are doing really well). J. 

Note: In August 2006 Paragon Director of Research Sam Bock was first to provide empirical research evidence demonstrating that the majority of the very rapid current climate warming & change may be primarily driven by particulate air pollution (soot), and not CO2 and the other anthropogenic Green House Gases.

This research is helping to radically redefine the current understanding of human driven climate change and its solutions.

Further, on July 24 2008, Bock wrote Professor Daniel Rosenfeld, a very respected atmospheric scientist in Israel, who (in collaboration with the NOAA) authored Suppression of Rain and Snow by Urban and Industrial Air Pollution (Science, 2000) as cited in Bock’s research paper, which he had attached.

That research is now part of NASA's permanent website, and is where Bock had first seen it.

In Bock’s paper, he uses this well established work to explain why soot may be dramatically affecting water vapor's greenhouse effect, and that this may significantly alter our understanding of the relative weights of various atmospheric climate forcers, and that forcing attributed to CO2 and other gases - a potentially major discovery if further validated, and one that would affect the future of any world policy to address climate change.   

Professor Rosenfeld wrote Bock back with a positive response concerning the proposed hypothesis.  In that response he suggests Bock contact Rosenfeld’s colleague Professor Victor Ramanathan (a world renown IPCC report review editor), and one of the most respected and influential climate scientists today.

Ramanathan's many recent press releases concerning black carbon soot have received widespread coverage.

As suggested by Professor Rosenfeld, Bock will be contacting Prof. Ramanathan, with the final update of that climate research which due to be completed in early 2011.

Dear Sam,

Your observations are very interesting and deserve serious attention, in my view.  I am not sure that I am the right person to integrate it all with respect to the impact on the global temperature. But I encourage you to send it to people who have been working on Earth radiation energy budget.

A person that is most relevant is Prof. V. Ramanathan: http://www-ramanathan.ucsd.edu/

Ram and I work on complementary pieces of the puzzle.

Best regards,



I feel that I have learned more about global warming in one e-mail than from all other sources combined.  I am looking forward to working with you and your group on commercializing hydrino-based power generation.

Best Regards,


Note: Paragon, and now a large and growing number of others, believe Dr. Randell Mills is the most important research scientist in physics since Albert Einstein.  

Among many other accomplishments, Dr. Mills has shown that electrons travel in 2-dimensional supercurrents about the atom.  

Working independently, Bock also hypothesized that electrons travel in 2-dimensional supercurrents when he was studying particle physics & nuclear chemistry at Middlebury College in 1981.  He disagreed, just as Mills does, with the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and the concept of a probabilistic “electron cloud” model as described in the theory of Quantum Mechanics.  Bock instead proposed that electrons actually orbit the atomic nucleus in a 2-dimensional plane, creating super electric currents and magnetic fields that define electron structure and explain noble gases.  Bock also proposed that gravity is the Strong Force holding the atomic nucleus together.  Both theories were dismissed by Bock’s professors, but intrigued the students.  In 2008 Bock learned that Dr. Mills had also proposed that electrons travel in 2-dimensional supercurrents as part of his research work on the nature of electron behavior about the hydrogen atom.    

Dr. Mills’ research and discoveries are radically reshaping our understanding of the atom, the ground state of hydrogen, the theory of Quantum Mechanics, molecular bonding, the function of energy processes driving the Sun and other stars, Dark Matter, and the Universe around us.  In August 2010, Dr. Mills presented “Thermally Reversible Hydrino Catalyst Systems as a New Power Source” at the American Chemical Society 240th National Meeting and Exposition in Boston, MA.

In 2009, several of Dr. Mills’ most important research findings were independently validated by Rowan University, which using its own labs, was able to synthesize previously unknown states of hydrogen atoms existing in lower energy states.  This, as well as other experiments done at Rowan to validate Dr. Mills’ work, was performed by Dr. Peter Jansson (Ph.D. University of Cambridge, and currently a visiting fellow at Cambridge), Dr. Megwaru (Ph.D. University of Connecticut), and Dr. Ramanujuchary (Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology).   

Further, Dr. Randy Booker, who holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Duke University and is the Chair of the Physics Department at the University of North Carolina-Ashville, has confirmed the mathematical calculations found in Dr. Mills' book on these subjects.  As well, Dr. John Scharer, a professor at the University of Wisconsin with a Ph.D. University of California-Berkeley who is an expert on plasma, has verified critical experiments related to Dr. Mills atomic & electron theory. In November 2010 Dr. Mills research findings were independently validated by the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA). The CfA is the world's largest and most diverse center for the study of the Universe, comprising the astronomy and astrophysics programs of two renowned scientific institutions: the Smithsonian Institution and Harvard University.    

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