Comprehensive Metabolic Screening & Nutrition Analysis for Athletes

  • Essential for uncovering the most complex issues hindering performance and recovery
  • Required for optimizing  any athlete’s bio-chemical function to the fullest

Today’s demanding athletic regimens require high intakes of superior balanced nutrition & supplementation to maximize performance and prevent injury and other health problems.  

Poor performance and most sport injuries are ultimately most often related to muscle fatigue and reduced cellular function.  Frequent injuries, lack of recovery, a weak immune system, and food sensitivities & allergies are often caused by a combination of imbalances and/or toxicities affecting normal biochemical “pathways” within the body.  These pathways might be involved in oxygen absorption & transport, muscle function & recovery, central nervous system function & recovery, the regulation of nutrient delivery to cells, energy production, detoxification, immune system response, etc.  

The only way to determine whether biochemical functions are working in a properly balanced manner is to use comprehensive medical & metabolic testing and analysis.  

From that detailed biochemical analysis, effective targeted nutrition and modifications to training or lifestyle can be identified.  Follow-up testing allows the doctor and athlete to monitor improvements and to make any further adjustments to the protocol.   

Testing often uncovers other metabolic imbalances with less noticeable impact on immediate sport performance, but longer term effects on health.  These can usually be easily rebalanced through nutrition or training modifications, but, if left unaddressed can ultimately lead to serious disease.  These include  imbalances associated with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, bowel disease, cancers, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other complex medical conditions.  As such, comprehensive metabolic testing is a very effective preventative medical tool.

Background for Athletes and Physicians

Paragon offers the first comprehensive cross-referencing and analysis of: 

  •  an athlete’s conventional medical blood work, 
  •  metabolic test results on over 200 biomarkers and toxins
  •  an athlete’s diet, lifestyle habits, and any abnormal symptoms,

For details on how this can be quickly used to pinpoint potential nutritional, biochemical, or environmental factors that limit athletic potential please see How Paragon’s Comprehensive Metabolic Testing & Analysis is Done.

This enables the formulation of nutritional and/or other biochemical Targeted Interventions designed to arrest and often reverse problematic issues facing many athletes.

The testing & analysis may also indicate if additional research may be valuable based on the specific results of those test findings.  See Research Services For Athletes.

It also provides us with the ability to provide high level athletes with Year round monitoring of metabolism and performance, necessary to maintaining top performance and the ability to peak throughout the long season of today’s full time athletes.               

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