Government & Regulatory

  • forecast regulatory changes
  • forecast new legislation
  • empower strategic planning
  • optimize tax structures
  • be first to new opportunity
  • avoid liability

Many current models of taxation, regulation, and economic development affecting industry, agriculture, medicine, and health care are detrimentally impacting the long-term health of citizens, the environment, and the economy. This negative impact is now driving new regulatory change.

It is critical to accurately forecast important legislation affecting long term capital investment and ROI. In-depth Paragon analysis of local & international regulation on technology, climate, and environment provides this vision.

In 2010 ENMAX Corporation of Calgary used Paragon’s climate and environment research to demonstrate the toxic heavy metal issues and regional & global warming effects related to black & brown carbon particulates, volatile metal, and other emissions related to coal burning, thereby helping convince Environment Minister Jim Prentice and the Canadian government to phase out coal-fired generation plants in Canada.

Paragon is developing market driven proposals for progressive taxation and socio-economic policy necessary to address the health care, environment, and climate-change crises affecting Canada and the world, without disrupting ongoing human and economic development.

Paragon helps companies make profitable long term capital investment in turbulent economic and regulatory environments.

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