Green Initiatives

  • leading by example
  • committing funding and time
  • researching critical issues
  • determining viable solutions
  • generating sustainable practices

As part of their stewardship role in society, Paragon believes corporations and governments must address the world’s environmental and community health & welfare concerns – both locally and abroad.

Our own research, and that of many other’s, shows these problems can be effectively addressed, and that companies will play the major role, as they are the most powerful and dynamic mechanisms for creating a better functioning society and protecting our shared natural assets.

Paragon instils this ethos – both in our daily business practices and activities, as well as when developing any new technology –  whether addressing how a product’s manufacturing affects resources and the environment, how the product affects consumers and the environment, or if packaging or other content can be recycled. 

As importantly, we also contribute a significant percentage of our working hours to researching and planning whitepapers to aid government and corporations to develop sustainable economic practices and policy.

Since 1999, Paragon’s management, in collaboration with various corporate and individual donors / partners, has funded more than 13,000 hours of research to generate comprehensive whitepapers and new projects to help effectively solve the world’s climate, environment, and energy problems.

We’ve felt this is necessary as most governments and corporations are unsure of what the actual problems are, which technologies are capable of solving these problems, and further, how those technologies should be structured and financed.

This longterm research effort reviewed the latest climate and environmental science and a wide range of new technologies to determine viable combinations of technology, government policy, tax structure, and financing solutions necessary to implement new infrastructure to solve the world’s urgent energy, climate, pollution, and healthcare problems.

Through this process Paragon has generated critically important and unexpected scientific research and discoveries related to climate, environment, medicine, and sport (which can be reviewed by anyone on this and other websites).  

Paragon has used this research to educate business and government leaders, and will use further media & internet campaigns to inform climate leaders, politicians, business leaders, academics, environment groups, and the mainstream media.

Paragon’s management and advisors continue to actively research important science and policy development, as well as provide consulting and professional services to a wide range of non-governmental organizations that seek to reinforce the same mission and objectives and enhance the way we live together.

Knowledge provides the power to efficiently solve problems.  Paragon will continually strive to be part of the solution.

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