Metabolic Testing & Analysis for Athletes

  • Complex nutritional issues affect physical and mental performance
  • Few athletes perform at their true full potential due to deficiency or imbalance
  • Paragon systems produce immediate results

The long season facing most top amateur and professional athletes today is very demanding. 

Further most athletes are not aware of complex nutritional issues affecting their physical and mental performance.  As a result few athletes are actually performing at their full potential.

Paragon’s pioneering nutrition and metabolic testing programs dramatically improve health, athletic recovery, and performance. They help any athlete improve their game, extend their careers, and avoid unnecessary and potentially career-ending surgeries.


Paragon Director of Research, Sam Bock, was a full-time athlete & Olympic coach, has a comprehensive science and research background, and has worked with champion athletes across a wide range of professional and amateur sport.  The demanding schedules facing his athletes forced Bock to research and develop numerous pioneering systems to allow them to perform better and longer without the banned drugs used by many of our competitors.

Since 1987, Paragon’s innovations in applied nutrition chemistry, athletic training, and equipment design have provided athletes with dramatic increases in speed, strength, and endurance.  This has helped produce some of the fastest, strongest, and most durable athletes.  They have won dozens of Olympic & world championship medals and set 40+ professional, Olympic, & world records & best ever marks in sport.  See Pro & Olympic Athletes and Paragon Milestones in Medicine & Sport.  

Paragon first began providing athletic training and targeted nutrition programs to Canadian national team bobsled and track & field athletes.  This led to working with university and pro football athletes, and to nutrition planning for champion speed skaters.  

In 1993 Paragon began working with NHL players, providing off-season training and nutrition programs for Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk, Al Macinnis, Craig Berube, and others. These early programs were designed to help NHL players perform better, avoid injury, prevent illness, and extend their careers.  

Today Paragon’s comprehensive metabolic testing & analysis enables any athlete to plan his/her diet and training to maximize performance.  See Paragon’s Athletic Training and Nutrition Research.                  

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