Targeted Sport Nutrition

Paragon uses comprehensive metabolic analysis to help pinpoint potential nutritional, biochemical, and environmental factors inhibiting performance and recovery.   This enables specific dietary modifications as well as the formulation and application of targeted nutritional and/or other biochemicalinterventions to help significantly improve athletic performance and mental sharpness.  

Details for Patients and Physicians:

Dietary recommendations and/or custom formulas for targeted nutritionals are generated based on the athlete or individual’s medical / metabolic testing results and that athlete or individual’s diagnosed symptoms or conditions.  Paragon also uses detailed screening to further evaluate symptoms, and examine food and lifestyle choices in this evaluation process.

Determining necessary dietary changes and/or a custom supplement formulation is possible because specific test results and/or conditions correlate to specific nutritional relationships which have been well established in the medical literature.  Paragon draws upon 20 years of experience in Olympic and professional sport and a research base of more than 5000 peer-reviewed papers and articles cited in research books and journals.  To produce the analytical report and calculate any dietary intervention, the rationale for each dietary change and individual ingredient in a formula is specified item by item. This is provided to the athlete’s physician for review.

For added simplicity and convenience, Paragon can make the necessary arrangements for any formula’s preparation and delivery from accredited laboratories and compounding pharmacies.  

Such formulations come in any of several formats.  A compounding pharmacy or compounding laboratory can custom compound an all in one formulation, either as a powder or in capsule form.  In some cases, it’s also possible and cheaper to use a specific combination of individual supplements sourced from a pharmacy or health food outlet to achieve the same result.

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