Warts (mosaic planter) cured: Male, 35

Patient History: 

Patient had developed a painful advanced case of mosaic planter-type in his two feet.  OTC remedies, repeated freezings, and an experimental anti-viral prescription drug therapy had all failed to alleviate the problem.  The patient had between 25-30 warts with deep roots on each foot.  The patient was also suffering from low energy, arrhythmia, and muscle cramping. 

Suspected cause and intervention advised

The human papillomavirus causes warts.  All viruses require low oxygen environments to thrive.  Dietary and lifestyle analysis indicated the viral problem was probably due to a lack of oxygen and other nutrients required to enhance immune system strength.  This low oxygen was contributing to the arrhythmia as well.  In addition to a stressful executive lifestyle, he ate a lot of meat rich in growth and inflammation promoting Omega 6 fatty acids and had very little omega 3 fatty acid intake form fish flax or other sources.   

The patient began using fresh organic flax oil (necessary to increase oxygen transport, absorption & utilization within the body), and taking a full range of supplemental vitamins and minerals the analysis indicated would beneficial to his case.  


Over a six week period all the warts gradually disappeared.  The subject also had increased energy, and relief from previously cramping muscles, and no longer had any arrhythmia.