Tendon Calcification dissolved: Male, 44

Patient History: 

In his late teens, the subject developed a lump of calcified tissue before the first knuckle on his ring finger.  It continued to grow until his mid twenties, when it finally stabilized — at about a centimetre long and a half/centimeter wide.  

Suspected cause and intervention advised

The subject had an HTMA which showed excessive consumption of calcium, and deficiencies of phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, all of which can contribute to calcification of  tissues.  Much of the imbalance observed was likely being caused by regular daily consumption of milk and yogurt.  A regimen of dietary changes to reduce dairy intake was begun, along with increased consumption of salt and supplementation of magnesium asporotates and potassium phosphates. 


Over a six month period the calcification in the tendon gradually disappeared.  The subject also had increased energy, and relief from previously cramping muscles.