Seizures, Grand Mal cured: Female, 29

Patient History: 

Patient had suffered 3 Grand Mal seizures, the last two recently.  Patient profiling revealed she was a busy executive who often worked late, liked to run, but did not eat regular meals, and would wind down partying and drinking with her friends on the weekend.  Her last seizure occurred the morning after a late house party, when she was hung over with little sleep, had not yet eaten any breakfast, and was chatting with a friend who was in for the weekend.

Suspected cause and intervention advised

The patient’s demanding lifestyle and less than adequate nutrition clearly indicated a need for extra magnesium and B vitamins, and other synergistic support.  Magnesium and B6 are required nutrients for stress, muscle function, metabolism of alcohol and proper neurofunction.  Magnesium, vitamin B6 and dimethylglycine all have strong anti-seizure properties.58 The deficiency of another member of the B-complex, B1, has also been reported as a cause of epileptic seizures.59

The patient was advised to get enough sleep, eat on a regular schedule, and to supplement her diet with Magnesium Asporotates, B complex, and Sogar’s VM 75 vitamin and mineral complex.


The patient has not had a seizure since then (2002).


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