Respiratory and Renal Failure Reversed in 12 Hours: Female, 77

Patient History: 

Patient suffers from Stage 3 terminal Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, has refused all conventional treatment, is being treated in her home, and does not want to be hospitalized. The patient is also taking supplemental nutrients that support overall metabolism and keep her free from pain and nausea.  She is active and walking around two city blocks per day for some exercise.  However, the patient decides to stop taking the supplements, and within approximately 24 hours of doing so goes into severe renal and respiratory failure.  She accumulates large amounts of fluid in her legs and lungs and is gasping for air with every breath by 9PM.    


Bock & Paragon’s medical team work through the night to compound a special liquid formula comprising of water and potassium & magnesium phosphates, other related synergistics, and provide very large therapeutic doses of NAC by capsule. Bock remembers how effective  high doses of NAC had been in reversing acute pneumonia in a patient 6 years earlier (see Pneumonia case study). Paragon’s experimental emergency liquid phosphate protocol was prepared by emptying capsules of custom compounded nutrient that had been prepared ahead of time by Paragon’s Bock and Kuhzarani


This provides life-saving sustenance, and along with the other physical massage treatments, almost entirely reverse the respiratory and renal failure in the patient, as determined by the attending provincial medical staff that arrived in the morning.  The nutritional treatments provided allow the patient to clear the fluid from her lungs and restart her kidneys. Her lower back and legs are gently massaged — pushing from her feet towards her abdomen — helping to remove most of the accumulated water.  During the night the patient survives blood oxygen saturation levels as low as 60 with no supplemental oxygen, and recovers to an Oxy-Sat of 93 just 12 hours later, again with no supplemental oxygen or prescription medications.  The patient is fully alert, talking, and in excellent spirits.  Lasix is prescribed and administered in the morning and reduced the next day.  Within 3 days the Lasix is discontinued, the patient has a normal Oxy-Sat of 98 and is back to walking around the block.