Pneumonia and Irregular Heartbeat Reversed in 4 Days: Male, 40

Patient History: 

Patient is a professional hockey player with a history of asthma and prior bouts of pneumonia. He has fallen behind in his normally diligent off-season training and is working hard to get back into shape.  However, after over-training and then getting very cold & wet while playing golf in a rain storm, he develops serious pneumonia and is hospitalized in an oxygen tent with an Oxy Sat of 78 and irregular heart rhythm. 

Suspected Causes and Recommended Intervention:

Paragon provides an intervention designed to reverse the pneumonia and regulate the heartbeat.  It comprises of high therapeutic doses of NAC (3 x 500Mg 4 times per day) and other synergistic nutrients for his lungs, and magnesium and B vitamins required to help regulate the SA node in his heart.


The player rapidly recovers and resumes light training just 4 days later.