Permanent Paralysis and Stroke Damage Reversed: Male, 75

The short summary below provides a snapshot of the emergency metabolic analysis and research used to turn this patient around.  For a detailed medical report on the specific metabolic testing, nutritional intervention, and results achieved please see Metabolic Irregularities & Medical Nutritionals.


The patient had suffered an unexpected and devastating stroke & paralysis that was triggered by a clot resulting from a preventative heart bypass surgery performed 36 hours earlier.  The patient was put on a standard medical enteral NG tube feed.  While this is still accepted procedure, new research shows such formulas are severely depleted of critical nutrients required for recovery from most illness, particularly neurological damage.  

The patient was not faring well on this tube feed.  Two neurological examinations done over the first 16 days showed no recovery of lost neurological & motor function.  The patient’s family was told by the neurological team to expect permanent paralysis of the lower right side, possible recovery of some right arm function, inability to initiate thought, and altered personality.  

The patient had also deteriorated rapidly once put on the tube feed.  First his blood sugar soared (requiring insulin).  He then developed an arrhythmia (day 3), then pneumonia (day 12), and then 3 pulmonary embolisms (day 21) which left him in critical condition.  (He also subsequently developed a very serious case of recurrent C-Difficile caused by the antibiotic treatment for the pneumonia.)   

Initially Paragon was only present to monitor the patient’s medical care on behalf of the family, and had no influence over treatments being carried out at the hospital.  

However, within days Paragon Research Services had compiled peer-reviewed research that clearly showed that the NG tube formula the patient was on for the first 26 days was severely deficient in several essential nutrients for cerebral and cardiac health, and for normal blood platelet aggregation as well. 

That data convinced the attending medical team to insert a tube into the patient’s stomach per Paragon’s request to allow Paragon to independently provide the patient’s nutrition each day, and to allow the patient to recover his ability to swallow food, which had become compromised by the tube in his throat.   

Paragon both formulated and provided a Targeted Nutritional Intervention that was delivered to the hospital each day.  Among other things, it was designed to provide the nutrients the brain would need to recover.  As protective myelin in the brain is 70% fat,56 and the complex omega 3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is the most abundant fat in the brain,57 the formula contained NKO Krill Oil (a superior form of complex Omega 3, that also contains synergistic phospholipids unique to this crustacean that enhance delivery to tissue), flax oil, taurine, other specific amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and synergistic co-factors we had had compounded for him in a custom made pharma-nutraceutical formula. 

The pharma-nutraceutical component of the formula was generated based on results from PS3 Comprehensive Medical and Metabolic Testing & Analysis done 2 months prior to the heart bypass operation.  Those test results, obtained from hair, serum, red blood cells, and urinary organic acids, showed balances and utilization rates of more than 100 nutrients and other biomarkers in the patient at the time.

The above nutrients were mixed with a blended slurry of poached wild pacific salmon or organic chicken, organic vegetables, and 250cc of fresh green juice concentrate from organic spinach, parsley, carrot, zucchini and celery.  

Within 36 hours of administration the patient’s blood platelet aggregation normalized, and the blood thinning drugs had to be immediately reduced.  

More importantly within a few days, the patient rapidly began to recover lost neurological and motor function, which was not expected, and had not occurred at all while on the tube feed for the first 26 days.  

Further, this patient only weighed 117lbs after two failed attempts by the attending medical team to cure the patient of recurrent C-Difficile (an especially problematic infection affecting about 1/5th of C-Difficile patients). Paragon also designed an innovative therapy that finally and permanently reduced this bacteria to normal levels seen in the gut.

Upon release from the hospital, Paragon handled most of the patient’s rehabilitation. We developed & provided both the nutrition planning and the innovative physiotherapy needed.

Three months after Paragon’s treatment began, the patient defied the odds and took his first unassisted steps walking.  At that point he had also recovered full function of the arm, and most function in his lower limb.  He also recovered the ability to initiate thought and his personality had for the most part had returned to normal.  

Within 7 months the patient was able to do pull-ups and squats with free weights.  At age 79 he is doing pushups, 10 pullups, and can squat over 150Lbs despite only weighing 142 lbs.

Moreover, the patient’s chronic and highly elevated cholesterol levels also completely normalized.  For 15 years previously, his LDL levels had been between 4.0 - 5.2 mmol/L, with HDL between 2.30 - 2.65 mmol/L.  When retested on the 135th day after the stroke, the patient’s LDL was 1.73 and HDL was 1.71, without any other medication to control cholesterol levels.