NH Lymphoma Complete Remission: Female, 28

Patient History: 

Patient was suffering from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and had already had one radiation treatment.  However her condition after treatment had not improved as hoped and she was scheduled for additional radiation treatments.  She was determined to try to avoid another such treatment, and wanted to heal herself more naturally.

Suspected Causes and Recommended Interventions:


Some 500-600 lymph nodes are found all through the body, and act as filters or traps for foreign particles.  They are important in the proper functioning of the immune system.  

Unlike the circulatory systems, the lymphatic system lacks any central "heart" like organ to pump lymph throughout the lymph vessels.  Instead, the lymphatic system depends on muscular movement, breathing, and simple gravity to move lymph fluid throughout the body.55 However, the Thoracic Duct does contain smooth muscle (the same muscle type that exists in the lower digestive system and the arterial system) in order to aid lymph flow. Thus, frequent movement is critical for humans to properly move lymph and prevent lymph fluid build-up in certain areas of the body.  An excess of stress (which produces toxic by-products in the body), environmental toxins, and/or too little physical movement can result in a back up of toxins in the lymphatic system. 

The patient was the wife of a professional hockey player who had been traded quite often.  The frequent moves and uncertainty were stressful, and like many pro athlete’s wives, she was at home by herself much of the time raising their 3 children.  She knew little about the affects of foods and/or toxins on health, how to plan healthier meals, or where to buy good foods.  The house’s fridge and cupboards were full of processed foods and various synthetic & toxic household cleaners. 

 Our analysis indicated that her daily stress, poor selection of foods, and use of toxic house-hold products had probably overwhelmed her lymph system’s capacity to clear toxins.  They were also living in a large, brand new home which would have been off-gassing any number of toxic compounds. 

As her saliva pH was low, as typically seen with any cancer, an alkalizing diet rich in fresh organic vegetable juices and other healing foods free of potential toxins that might affect the healing of her lymph tissue was advised.  As muscle contractions are necessary to pump the lymph system, moderate exercise was also advised to maintain regular circulation through the lymph system without overly tiring her body while she healed and regenerated new tissues.  The patient was given a list of healthy foods to eat and was further advised to temporarily eliminate: 

She was also advised to clean out the house of toxic cleansers.


6 weeks later upon returning for additional testing to determine whether she would need additional radiation treatment, there was no sign of the disease.  She quickly regained her lost energy, weight, and hair and has been well since.


55 http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/sigbio/project/updated-lymphatic/lymph2.html