High Cholesterol and Homocysteine Reversed – Male, 75

Patient History: 

For 15 years the patient had chronic highly elevated cholesterol with LDL levels between 4.0 - 5.2 mmol/L, and HDL between 2.30 - 2.65 mmol/L.   In addition the patient’s homocysteine was tested and found to be elevated at 7.9.  

While the laboratory reference range for normal homocysteine can range from 3 to 15 micromoles per liter of blood, epidemiological data reveal that homocysteine levels above 6.3 cause a steep, progressive risk of heart attack (the American Heart Association's journal Circulation, Nov. 15, 1995, 2825-30).  One study found each 3-unit increase in homocysteine equals a 35% increase in myocardial-infarction (heart-attack) risk (American Journal of Epidemiology, 1996, 143[9]:845-59).   In another study, using a baseline homocysteine level of 9.0 umol/L, researchers have found that for every 5.0 umol/L increment increase in homocysteine levels, all-cause mortality increased by 49%, cardiovascular mortality by 50%, cancer mortality by 26%, and deaths from other causes (respiratory, gastrointestinal and central nervous system diseases) by 104%.)  

Excess homocysteine causes oxidative damage to tissues, as well as nutritional deficiencies related to a lack of  its conversion to methionine, maintenance of the SAMe cycle, and detoxification.  Elevated homocysteine indicates homocysteine is not being converted into methionine.  Methionine is required for biosynthesis of all enzymes, receptor and transport proteins, and structural proteins; is necessary to clear heavy metals; and for the synthesis of cysteine, which is necessary for the formation of N-acetyl cysteine, and from that, all-important glutathione, which is necessary for proper liver health & detoxification function.  

Elevated homocysteine levels, whether due to nutrient deficiencies, toxicity induced deficiency, or defective genes, can be quickly normalized in virtually all cases, simply and inexpensively, using a combination of nutritional supplements.  The most effective defence against homocysteine build-up is a combination of vitamins B-6 and B-12, folic acid and trimethylglycine (TMG).53,54

Suspected Causes and Recommended Intervention:

Subject’s PS3 Comprehensive Medical and Metabolic Testing and Analysis showed a need for many nutrients involved in normal cholesterol metabolism, as well as those required for the reduction of elevated homocysteine which can oxidize LDL cholesterol.  The subject was given these nutrients, along with NKO Krill Oil which has been shown in clinical studies to effectively control cholesterol and other lipid-related metabolic issue


When retested 135 days later, the patient’s LDL had fully normalized.  LDL was perfectly balanced at 1.73 with HDL at 1.71.   Patient’s homocysteine was reduced from 7.9 to an optimum 5.6, in the middle of what many consider the desired reference range of  5.0 - 6.3.

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