Ulcerative Colitis Dramatically Improved – Blood Pressure Normalized: Male, 58

Patient History: 

Patient called 5 days before his entire colon was to be surgically removed to see if he could be helped.  He had been referred by a Paragon patient with a sigmoid colon that had healed very quickly, thereby avoiding its surgical removal.   

Patient was suffering from severe ulcerative colitis.  It began 18 years earlier and steadily worsened.  8 years later he began continuous medication, but with no improvement.  The last 2 years had been so severe that he was suffering from diarrhea as many as 20 times in one day.  He became confined to the house.  His bowels were disintegrating and showing up in the toilet as bits of mucous, tissue and blood.  His saliva pH was very low, 4.8-5.2.  His blood pressure was 160/85.

Suspected cause and intervention advised

His previous nutrition habits were very poor due to consumption of overly refined foods.  He was deficient in most important nutrients required for healthy GI function.  He was put on a restricted diet and provided with therapeutic levels of many different nutrients.


For the first two weeks he showed no real improvement, then after 5 weeks he formed his first fairly normal stools in 18 years.  His blood pressure returned to low normal of 110/65.