Colic Reversed

Patient History: 

4 month old baby girl was suffering from bloating and colic.  Mother was conscientious eater, and confused as to why this was happening. 

Suspected Causes and Recommended Interventions: 

The bloating indicated that this case of colic could be related to inability to fully digest excess sugar or some other component of the mother’s milk.  

The mother was interviewed  to determine whether she was inadvertently digesting too many refined sugars.  While most of her food choices were excellent, there were three foods (being consumed pretty much daily) with a total of 45 grams of added sugar that might have been contributing to the problem – organic granola bar (15g), organic fruit yogurt – cow (15g) , and some biscuits (15g).   

The mother was advised to discontinue all three, and just in case milk proteins were the problem, she was also advised to substitute easily digested goat yogurt with added fresh fruit.  


Within four days the colic had disappeared.