Chronic Pancreatitis Reversed: Male, 32

Patient History: 

Patient is suffering from a very severe 12 year case of Chronic Pancreatitis, a debilitating potentially life-threatening disease in which stones accumulate in the pancreas, blocking the pancreatic duct, preventing passage of digestive enzymes necessary to digest food, and more problematically, causing the digestive breakdown of the pancreatic tissue about the blocked duct.  The patient, 32, is in serious but stable condition, 6’4” tall, weighs just 132lbs, and is prone to constant attacks which often leave him hospitalized.  Measuring 1 inch in diameter, his pancreatic duct and the pancreatic tissue around it has been severely eroded, and is full of stones.  The patient suffers another attack and is hospitalized.  His doctors advise removing most of his diseased pancreas. 


Paragon’s medical team is asked to intervene and asked to research a method to reverse the patient’s condition.  Bock does 200 hours of research, both on the disease, and on how this patient’s metabolic test results relate to his disease.  That research also quickly reveals the intense controversy & confusion within the medical field as to the causes of Chronic Pancreatitis and the different stones generated. 

Bock’s intensive research effort generates a new theory as to the nutrition-related cause of most cases of chronic pancreatitis.  Paragon then provides the patient’s medical team a preliminary targeted nutritional intervention in an attempt to:


Within weeks the patient begins a remarkable and unexpected recovery after 12 years of steady deterioration.  Within 3 months, and without the use of anabolic steroids, the patient gains 35 pounds of lean muscle mass, and accomplishes 20 pull-ups — a strength level few full-time athletes achieve.  A barium test done at that point shows unprecedented recovery of circulation and regeneration in previously diseased pancreatic tissue.  The patient remains in full health today.