Breast Milk Restored: Female, 33

Patient History: 

The subject had lost almost all of her capacity to produce breast milk to feed her 4 month old baby.

Suspected cause and treatment advised:

The subject was a new mother who was concerned about loosing the additional weight she had put on during her pregnancy.  To loose weight while breast feeding, she had begun training for a marathon and had eliminated many sources of fats and oils from her diet which are necessary for. Over a period of 4-5 weeks she began to gradually loose her capacity to produce breast milk.

It was explained to her that she needed to immediately restore a rich source of essential and other fatty acids necessary to produce a rich breast milk.  She was also advised to quit the marathon training until she was done lactating, as it was consuming too much energy required for generating milk, and might also be affecting hormonal balances necessary for lactation.  She replaced the marathon training with yoga to remain active.


Prior to the intervention the subject was having a difficult time pumping 1 oz at night.   But her milk supply came back quickly. Within a few weeks she was pumping 4 oz.