Chronic Back Pain Cured: Male, 41

Chronic back pain is one of the more common problems seen.  Paragon has solved dozens of similar cases, most of which have been related to excess stress, deficiencies of magnesium, B-complex, zinc and other synergistic nutrients.  The problem is usually initially triggered when the individual uses his/her back without adequate warm-up, and then strains its, putting the affected muscles into spasm.  From there the problem usually worsens due to lack of proper therapy and nutrition.

Even those with disc degeneration can benefit and possibly even heal, as specific nutrients are required to relax the muscles which are compressing the discs.  Once the nutrients allow the damaging pressure to be removed, the disc can begin to heal with therapeutic nutrition and hot and cold hydrotherapy which can be done at home. 

Patient History: 

The subject was suffering from chronic sciatica and lower back pain. “Constantly felt like there was a hot coal in my upper right glute.” Had also been diagnosed with disc degeneration in the lower back.  Was told by specialist that he would need disc surgery to solve the problem.

Suspected cause and treatment advised:

Subject was highly stressed at work, not eating or hydrating properly, not excising properly, and having difficulty sleeping.  In addition he was consuming alcohol which further depletes the nutrients and water required to relax the affected back and glute muscles, and for proper sleep.  Subject was also wearing hard soled business shoes on long daily walks to work.

A HTMA confirmed the suspected nutrient imbalances.  Subject was advised to temporarily avoid all alcohol and refined sugar, to make other dietary changes, and to supplement with therapeutic dosages of magnesium vitamin C, B vitamins, and zinc until the back was healed.  He also began smaller normal  dosages of vitamin E and selenium as indicated by HTMA.  Subject was also advised to change shoes, do a few basic stretches and squats – increasing the range as he became more capable – and to do hot and cold hydrotherapy upon rising and prior to sleeping.

Subject did not eat fish.  This was contributing to the lack of muscle strength and development of memory problems.  He was advised to supplement his diet with Krill and Flax oils in order to nourish the brain with clean sources of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Additional zinc and B6 would allow enzyme synthesis of the complex brain fats from the simple omega 3s in the Flax oil. 


Patient's back began to loosen immediately, but did not fully recover for another 8 weeks.  The muscles required gradual strengthening, and the subject had a few setbacks due to excessive alcohol consumption.  But eventually he loosened and strengthened all the muscles, and now has no problems.  His ability to handle his stress calmly was made possible with the supplementation.  The proposed back surgery was  unnecessary.