Rheumatoid Arthritis cured: Female, 35

Patient History: 

This patient (from NYC) suffered a severe and prolonged arthritic attack.  She had one knee and both ankles seize and swell up to the size of grape fruits that confined her to her bed for much of each day.  She had had similar, but less serious attacks at age 9 and 17.  She was formally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and put on Remicade she was told she would need for the rest of her life.  Paragon was then asked to intervene on her behalf.  

Suspected cause and intervention advised

The patient was in film sales and entertained regularly.  Paragon’s interviewing process revealed that she had let her diet and exercise slip over the previous 6 —12 months.  She was consuming too many refined sugars and excessive alcohol, and was no longer getting regular exercise.  Our analysis indicated that her arthritis was probably the result of a severe bacterial inflammation fueled by the bacteria’s anaerobic digestion of excess sugar, and further complicated by a lack of anti-bacterial oxygen in her blood due to her reduced aerobic capacity.

She and her doctors were advised to use high therapeutic doses of Vitamin A, C, B complex, essential fatty acids, probiotics, and that she was to eat mostly organic vegetables, organic brown rice & other complex grains, and wild fish.  She was temporarily not permitted any fruit, simple sugars, and/or refined carbohydrates.  She was removed from the Remicade to prevent future problems with her endocrine gland production and balance. 


Within one week all inflammation was gone and she was walking normally again.  She was able to resume more serious exercise and running within a few weeks.  She was in top aerobic shape within a total of 8 weeks.  She has not had another episode since then (2001).