Arrhythmia Treated Within Hours, Stiff Back Loosens As Well: Male, 41

Patient History: 

About six years earlier this case study subject began to notice heart palpitations after going for a run or after lying down.  Over the next few years it became more frequent and would happen two or three times per day. He was alarmed and went to his doctor who referred him to a well known heart specialist in Montreal.  He was then put through stress tests, ultra-sounds, 24 hour heart rate monitors with the conclusion that he had a heart arrhythmia that he could not explain, but that it was a benign type and that he should go home and relax and “be glad you are alive every day when you wake up."

He did this but the stress of the daily palpitations wore on him and he met with another heart specialist who also concluded It was stress and that the patient was not to worry.  He then met with a heart surgeon in New York state who again said the same thing.  The subject noticed over time that the palpitations increased in frequency and happened more and more when he was in a prone position at any time of day or night.

Suspected cause and treatment advised:

An interview with the subject revealed that he was a stock broker and high level squash player.  He knew little of nutrition, and while he didn’t eat as poorly as many, the total energy and nutrient demands he put on himself were clearly not being met by his diet.  In particular it was evident that he was lacking certain minerals required for normal heart rhythm, as Paragon has clearly  established from many other past case studies.  Further, these nutrient element (mineral) reserves were being further taxed by the stress created by the palpitations themselves making the situation worse. 

The patient was given an explanation of how the heart’s rhythm is regulated through the use of specific nutrient elements — and that if these are in short supply or out of balance, heart rhythm is affected.  He was provided with bio-available supplements, and provided with other dietary advice.


The 2-3 times daily palpitations ceased as soon as the subject began the supplementation.  In the first month since he began the protocol he had just one palpitation.  In communication to us he said, “I am finding out now how stressed I was over this because I feel as though a dark cloud has been lifted. Every time I lie down I expect something to happen and then it doesn't. What a great feeling. The stress relief is huge.”  

The subject had also had chronic reflux problems for the past three years and did not have another episode since beginning the nutritional intervention.  He no longer needed medication and told us that he felt  the best he had in years. When he had a massage and it was the first time ever that there were no knots in his back that had to be worked on extensively to relieve. He began t ramp up his training level for competitive squash.  The subject made it to the World Doubles Squash final in the Mens 40s the following year.