Anxiety – Almost All Cases Successfully Resolved

This is one of the most common afflictions facing (1) overly-hard-working people, and (2) others with stressful problems they are unable to resolve.  In almost every case of the many dozens we have seen, the anxiety has been cured or significantly alleviated with nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle modifications.

Typical Patient History: 

The person is usually working or training too hard, and/or consuming alcohol, and/or experiencing business / personal / family related stress.  This combination of factors usually results in a gradual depletion of the body’s nutrient reserves, producing anxiety and disturbed sleep patterns.  The anxiety makes it more difficult to think logically, and make pragmatic decisions necessary to solve challenges, thereby making the anxiety worse and feeding a viscous circle, which depletes nutrient reserves even further.  Consumption of comforting junk foods just makes the problem worse.

Treatment Advised:

Magnesium depletion is usually the principle nutrient factor behind the development of anxiety.  Magnesium is easily depleted by exercise, intense thinking, consumption of refined sugars and/or other junk foods.   

The B vitamins, vitamin C, zinc and other synergistic nutrients are also important co factors in magnesium metabolism and the related metabolic processes that prevent stress-related reactions and anxiety.  However, while these cofactors are usually readily available in most vitamin and mineral formulations, bio-availbale magnesium is usually not.  This is because there are only a few forms of magnesium which are absorbed and utilized efficiently by the body, and most magnesium supplements available for sale are in the wrong biochemical forms for efficient absorption.  As a result many people taking magnesium supplementation do not realize the intended benefits.

Calcium deficiency can also cause similar symptoms.  Metabolic testing is the best way to determine which deficiencies and or toxicities may be causing the anxiety. 

Successful and rapid treatment of anxiety may require a combination of nutrients & supplementation, moderate exercise, and a plan to proactively deal with whatever outside stress is affecting the patient.  However, In many of the case studies we have seen, often just the nutritional changes were necessary to provide the patient with the more relaxed & sound thinking required to solve the problems that initially caused the anxiety.