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Ordering PS3 Comprehensive Metabolic Testing and Analysis

To inquire about testing fees, or if you need any help ordering testing, please call 1 514 278-3935. 

Ordering Comprehensive Metabolic Testing & Analysis on-line is fast and easy to do.  Click on the links to fill out the 2 forms required, and follow the instructions below.

ParagonSciences Health Data Submission Form:  Please fill out by computer and return by email. 

1.  Fill out the Patient Information.  Indicate PS3 testing & analysis in the next box.  Fill in payment information below that.   Proceed directly to page 3 to submit remaining information required.

2.  Processing the analysis requires a signature on the final page.  Please print out that
one page, sign it, scan as PDF, and return with the completed information form by email.  You can also fax the signature page.

TMA Submittal Form:  Your analysis requires testing of a hair sample.

1.  Print out the attached Hair TMA Submittal Form.  

Fill out patient information.  Fill in the date at the bottom of the form.

In the box marked "Laboratory Payment" indicate:
- name on the credit card to be used
- credit card number
- the 3 digit security code
- expiry date

The lab requires the above information to process your results

2.  Collecting your hair sample is easy:

The lab needs about one heaping tablespoon of hair  (loosely packed). 
Make sure there is enough, or the sample will be delayed until you send in additional hair.

Using stainless steel scissors, cut the hair close to the root.  Keep only the first 1.5 inches (5 cm) of hair closest to the scalp.  Take 15-20 hairs at a time from several different places on the head until you have enough. (Don't worry - it is not noticeable).  Put the hair in a small paper envelope marked:

Account #: 5630
Patient Name:  (
Last Name, First Name)

  Put the sample envelope and completed TMA submission form into a business envelope addressed to:

Trace Elements Inc.
P.O. Box 514
Addison, Texas
USA 75001-0514

There is no more to do now.  

Once we receive your request you will be mailed a blood & urine collection kit to complete the testing. 

This contains a form to be signed by your doctor or another licensed healthcare practitioner prior to your blood draw.  (Payment information included in kit).  

The total cost for comprehensive testing varies based on what testing is considered appropriate for you.  It is chosen by you and your doctor after Paragon has made a preliminary recommendation based on your file.  Some of this testing can be done at your doctor's lab and is covered by your insurance.  Other testing is done at our partner labs and may or may not be covered by insurance. 

Paragon's final report & recommendations on all the collected data and test results should be ready within about 3 weeks of your blood draw. 

Any critically important information that we may uncover prior to the report's completion will be immediately forwarded to you and your doctor.

Please email or call 1 514 278-3935 with any questions.